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How to Build Dangerous Healing Valkyrie

We all know that valkyrie is an iron elf that has mysterious powers in the Empire faction. Behind her beautiful face, valkyrie is very dangerous on the battlefield. Valkyrie is a divine knight who always carries swords and shields when fighting with the Alliance faction. Although this iron elf relies on swords and shields as a mainstay weapon, Valkyrie is plotted as a healing class to help the mage and warrior if they are pressed on the battlefield. And even though the valkyrie is plotted as a healing class, the attacking power from this iron elf was able to provide tremendous damage to the Alliance faction.

Best Valkyrie Build to Conquer the Battlefield

If the Alliance faction relied on archers for best support in the battlefield. The Empire faction called its loyal servant to compensate for the fighting power of the Alliance faction. Valkyrie is a short range fighter indeed, but she was able to attack the enemy from a distance using her skill, even her skill attack produces tremendous damage compared to archers. This divine knight was truly extraordinary, her strength is also able to heal and resurrect her friends who died on the battlefield. We will reveal the secrets of the valkyrie for all of you who will begin the journey in Axe: Alliance vs Empire.

Choose the Deathly Weapon And Necklace

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To start your journey with the valkyrie class, the first weapon that you have to look for is Heavenly Sword and Shield. This weapon has active skills that are very useful to resurrect your friends from the dead. Therefore, you must have this weapon to help your friends while fighting against the Alliance.

Heavenly Sword and Shield

Don’t forget to look for the Red Flame Necklace to become the best valkyrie accessory. This accessory is useful for increasing valkyrie attack power when she uses her power on the Alliance soldiers.

Valkyrie Red Flame Necklace

Pick the Most Powerful Armor And Ring

It feels less if your valkyrie doesn’t have powerful armor. If you choose the wrong armor gear, surely your valkyrie defense is weak, and will not last long on the battlefield. Therefore, make sure you choose the Conviction Gear Codex Series to become a powerful gear armor for valkyrie so that her defense is equivalent to the badass warrior. Collect the 5 parts to get a bonus stats from this gear set.

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Conviction Gear Codex Series

After you collect the 5 parts of that armor gear, it’s time for you to look for the Ring of Luck so that your valkyrie defense is be more powerful.

Valkyrie Ring of Luck

Obtain the Best Zodiac Rune

Rune is a very important component for your build. So don’t be careless in choosing rune for valkyrie. Make sure you look for 4 Destruction Rune with double Crit Rate stats to be install in the valkyrie Zodiac. Automatically, this rune will give a crit rate stats bonus to increase your class’s attack.

Valkyrie Destruction Rune

For the remaining rune slots, look for 3 Flash Rune with a double DMG Reduction stats and put on it on the Zodiac.

Valkyrie Flash Rune

How to get double stats on the both rune above is easy actually. You only need to look for the both rune from the Rare Grade with the initial stats of Crit Rate for the Destruction Rune and the initial stats of DMG Reduction for the Flash Rune. Apply this method on the 3 Zodiac so that she is more dangerous on the battlefield.

Get Right Spiritstone For Valkyrie Gear

Spiritstone is an important part of the gear used by valkyrie. Therefore, you have to get 12 Crit Rate Spiritstone with double Crit Rate stats that you can put on weapon, necklace, ring and gauntlet.

Valkyrie Crit Rate Spiritstone

To fill the remaining spiritstone slots in the valkyrie armor gear, make sure you are looking for 12 DMG Reduction Spiritstone with a double DMG Reduction stats. And just like rune, you can get double stats on both spiritstones if you upgrade them from Rare Grade with the same initial Stats.

Valkyrie DMG Reduction Spiritstone

Choose the Magnificent Wing Gear And Wing Spiritstone

If you have got the material we mentioned above, it’s time for you to look for Wings of Darkness to become the best wing gear for your valkyrie. And to make that wings more powerful, you must have 5 PVP DMG Improvement Wing Spiritstone so that valkyrie attack and defense balance will become more amazing.

Valkyrie Wing And Spiritstone

Having a powerful class is indeed the desire of every player when starting an journey in the axe world. And the guide above is a basic build that can be the foundation of your valkyrie build in future. Surely the Alliance faction will always develop their ability to overthrow the empire. So don’t give up. Because the battle has just begun. Have a nice day.

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