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How to Build Badass Warrior (Complete Guide)

We all know if the Empire Faction has a knight who is in charge of regulating the attack on the battlefield. The task of a knight is very important to help the valkyrie and mage win the war against the Alliance Faction. Therefore, don’t underestimate the warrior class. Because his greatness is be able to destroy a battalion of the enemy forces on the battlefield. Therefore, the Empire Faction always relied on the skills of the warrior class to make the enemy helpless. To build a badass warrior, you need the right material so that this class from the Empire Faction is not easy to defeat.

Choose the Right Material to Build Badass Warrior

Choosing the right material for the Warrior class is a bit confusing for a beginner indeed. Moreover, if you are embarrassed to ask in the world chat, surely you will instantly build your Warrior class carelessly. And the loss is your own. Because the precious class that you have is very weak on the battlefield. But you don’t need to worry, because we’re here will provide the ultimate guide to help you to build a warrior class. When your Warrior is fighting, do not hesitate to exert all your strength because the empire faction has healing valkyrie to aid the warriors and mages when being pressed.

Pick Stronger Weapon And Necklace

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When you start the journey as a warrior, first you have to get a weapon that can give a tremendous impact. Therefore, make sure you look for the Thunderous Greatsword to become your warrior weapon. This weapon has a stun skill attribute that is useful for making a battalion of enemies not move for a few seconds. And that opportunity can you use to finish them off in an instant.

Thunderous Greatsword

After you get the sword, it’s time for you to look for the Ancient Ruins Necklace to increase the strength of the weapon you got earlier.

Ancient Ruins Necklace

Choose Most Powerful Armor And Ring

Defense is an important part that you have to build for the Warrior so that your enemies are frustrated on the battlefield. The armor that is suitable for your Warrior is the Silver Knights Gear Codex Series. Make sure you look for the 5 parts of this armor to get 3 bonus stats which will definitely make your warrior more stronger.

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Silver Knights Gear Codex Series

After that, look for the Ring of Luck to strengthen the defense of the warrior class you have. Because the undefeatable mage definitely needs your help to do its job on the battlefield.

Warrior Ring of Luck

Get the Best Rune Power

Many rune options that you can choose, but make no mistake, if you choose the wrong rune it will certainly be one weakness that the warrior has. Therefore, make sure you look for the 4 Carnage Rune with a double Crit DMG Improvement stats. If you put it in the warrior Zodiac, you will get the bonus stats from this rune.

Carnage Rune

After you get that 4 rune, it’s time for you to look for the 3 Flash Rune with double DMG Reduction stats to increase the defense of the warrior class.

Warrior Flash Rune

To get double stats on the both rune, make sure you look for the both rune from the Rare Grade with the initial stats of Crit DMG Improvement for Carnage Rune and the initial stats of DMG Reduction for Flash Rune. Upgrade to Epic Grade and see the results.

Get the Most Stronger Spiritstone For Warrior Gear

Surely you realize that there is a slot in the warrior gear that you got earlier. That slot can you fill with Spiritstone. Make sure you look for the 12 Crit DMG Improvement Spiritstone with a double Crit DMG Improvement stats.

Crit DMG Improvement Spiritstone

After that, make sure you are looking for the 12 DMG Reduction Spiritstone with a double DMG Reduction stats.

Warrior DMG Reduction Spiritstone

Just like the rune, you can get double stats on both Spiritstone if you upgrade them from the Rare Grade with the same initial stats.

Choose the Great Wing And Spiritstone

To get the maximum build on the warrior, you must have the Wing of Darkness to become mainstay wing of your warrior’s. If you’ve got it, it’s time for you to look for the 5 PVP DMG Improvement Spiritstone and make sure to put it in the Wing of Darkness slot that you got earlier.

Warrior Wing And Spiritstone

Build a class must be very hard for beginners. This basic build will take time indeed. And in the end, the results can be enjoyed by yourself. A long journey and thrilling adventures will await you. So prepare yourself to explore every different area. Because the Empire Faction requires a warrior class that you build with love.

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