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How to Build Stronger Titan for PVP (Step By Step Guide)

Axe: Alliance vs Empire is a new game from Nexon released last month. Actually this game has long been on the Google Playstore approximately 2 years ago. Axe: Alliance vs Empire has 3 variants namely the Korean, Japan and global version. We will discuss the global version of Axe to help you build strong characters in order to compete with other players in the world of Axe.

How to Build Stronger Titan

Titan is a formidable character in the Alliance faction. Compared to Blademaster and Archer, Titan excels at skill and is able to regulate the rhythm of team attacks in Arena, Conflict and Guild Battle. Titan also has a Stun that can make enemies become statues for a few seconds. And that opportunity was used by Blademaster and Archer to defeat the Empire faction in an instant. But unfortunately, Valkyrie has Anti Stun to fend off Stun from Titan, So use the Stun Skill after Valkyrie activates Anti Stun so that the tasks from Blademaster and Archer are easier when defeating enemies. You need to know that the Gear with the Mythic Grade is not enough to make your Titan strong. On this occasion, we will review how to build Titan full attack to win the war against the Empire.

Get Weapon and Necklace Base Skill Damage

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Titan Weapon Earthly Watcher Axe

To build a powerful Titan for PVP, make sure you look for the Earthly Watcher Axe to be your primary weapon.

Bone Necklace Accessory

After that, look for the Bone Necklace to become your accessory so that the percentage of your skill damage becomes bigger.

Get 4 Rune Base Skill Damage

4 Storm Runes

Search and put 4 Storm Runes in your zodiac runes to get bonus skill damage stats in this rune set. This rune has skill damage improvement stats that suits to your weapons and necklace that you obtained earlier.

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Storm Runes Double Skill Damage

But do you know if this rune can have double skill damage stats on epic grade? Tips to get double skill damage stats are you have to look for rare grade of Storm Rune with the initial stats of skill damage. If you upgrade to epic grade, you will get double skill damage stats in your storm runes. Collect 4 storm runes with double skill damage improvement stats that you can get in the Field of Honor, Conflict, Invasion, Shop and Event to make your titan percentage skill damage become higher.

Get Skill Damage Improvement Spiritstone

Skills Damage Improvement Spiritstone

Search and get 12 skills damage improvement spiritstone from Arena, Conflict in world map, event and shop. 1 gear requires 3 spiritstones if it has reached mythic grade, so you need 12 skills damage improvement spiritstone for all of your gear so that your titan skill damage is even more creepy. Just like the runes, you can get double skill damage improvement stats on this spiritstone, the way is you must find rare grade spiritstone with the initial stats of skill damage improvement, then upgrade the spiritstone to the epic grade and voila, your spiritstone has 2 skill damage improvement stats. Repeat this way until you have 12 spiritstones with double skill damage improvement stats. (note: this doesn’t include wing spiritstone)

Find Bone Armor Gear

Titan Bone Armor Gear

To build a powerful titan, you need a bone armor gear set to become your main armor. The advantage of bone armor gear is that this gear has damage reduce stats that can reduce the effect of enemy damage skills on the titan you have.

Bone Armor Gear Bonus Set

So this armor is very useful for you to use. After you collect the 5 parts of the bone armor set, activate the bonus stats from the bone armor set to get a skill damage reduce.

Ice Ring Accessory

Search and find Ice Ring to add the skill damage reduce that you already have. This ring accessory is very useful for you when fighting against the Empire.

Get Skill Damage Reduce Spiritstone

Skill Damage Reduce Spiritstone

Just like skill damage improvement stone, You have to look 12 skill damage reduce spiritstone so that the skill reduce percentage for your titan is getting bigger. Therefore, make sure you look for these 12 spiritstones with double skill damage reduce stats.

Get Dragon Wing

Axe Dragon Wing

A few days ago, Axe: Alliance vs Empire got the latest update from the developer that presented Wing gear to further spoil the player. There are 3 Wing that you can choose. But if you want to perfect your Titan build, try to find the Dragon Wing to become your primary Wing. To get the Dragon Wing, you can open a Box Wing that requires 600 white diamonds or you can search for Craft materials in Eternal Sanctum, Valor Shop and take part in the event to get material to be able to craft Dragon wings.

Find And Obtain Wing Spiritstone

Wing DMG Improvement Spiritstone

Make sure you look for 5 DMG Improvement Spiritstone for perfecting your Dragon Wing. You can get the DMG Improvement Spiritstone in the Area Request.

Area Request

And choose the Spiritstone Special quest.

Spiritstone Special

There are various builds for Titan, the one of them is making titan into tanks so that your enemy is hard to beat you on the battlefield. And one more thing, active skills, passive skills and titles also affect your Titan build. If you feel helped by this guide, please share this guide to your friends. And if there are any questions and suggestions, feel free to leave your comments. Happy gaming and have a nice day.

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