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Beginner Guide to Quick Level Up (Perfect Trick)

Increasing each equipment level is a priority for every player to compete in Axe: Alliance vs. Empire. As with the class level, to increase the level of each class is not as easy as increasing the level of equipment. Because the higher the level of class the player has, also the more higher of Experience Point (EXP) that players must get in each area. For beginners who are just starting their journey in the Axe world, it will certainly be difficult to increase your level. But don’t worry, because we will provide the easy guide to improve your class level quickly.

How to Increase Class Level Quickly

War became one of the reasons why the two factions increased all of their weapons to win the battle. There will be winners and losers. For this reason they are always competing for strengths that have tremendous destructive power by increasing the quality of their soldiers. Therefore, the class level is very important for you to open the skills, the zodiac rune, dungeons, etc. Maybe you have thought that increasing class levels takes a long time. But you are wrong, after the latest update, you can easily increase the class level faster than you can imagine.

Choose The Right Gear And Pet

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To increase your level quickly, make sure you are looking for Quest EXP Improvement stats in each gear in yellow, which means that the stats are the highest stats in your gear.

Quest EXP Improvement Stats

Furthermore, find and get Smart Pet that has the Daily Quest/Area Request EXP Improvement skill to become your main pet. Look at the codex pet for details of the pet that has that skill.

Smart Inky Pup

Complete All Daily Quest

Make sure you complete the daily quest. Reset this main quest twice every day to get more EXP. Don’t forget, use the blessing scroll first.

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Main Daily Quest

Furthermore, complete daily dungeon 1x, normal dungeons 3x (reset to get 15 ticket), eternal sanctum 2x and raid 2x.

Dungeon Quest

After that, complete invasion (reset 2x to get 9 ticket), arena and field of honor (reset 2x to get 15 ticket), golden dragon 2x, annihilation 2x and conflict 3x. Try to win in the field of honor to get a lot of material to make shiny rune.

Battlefield Quest

After that, help the newbie on the raid support 10x and annihilation support requested to get additional EXP.

Raid And Annihilation Support

Complete Guild Elimination, Siege And Area Request

Make sure you complete the guild siege 1x and guild elimination 2x every day. Don’t forget, take daily and weekly rewards from the guild elimination to make zandium equipment.

Guild Elimination

And for the final touch, kill world boss 3x in world map and repeat the area request on EXP special quest as long as possible. The suitable time for this quest is the time before you sleep. If you use a phone, charge your phone before going to bed, and let your class complete this quest automatically. Of course it’s easier to repeat this quest with a PC if you have it.

Area Request EXP Special

To get a big amount of exp every day it requires a hard struggle indeed. But if you are serious about increasing your class level. The above method can be the best solution for you. Because the above method has proven successful. Surely you don’t want to be fall behind with other players right? So do it now than not at all. Happy gaming.

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Beginner Guide to Quick Level Up (Perfect Trick)

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