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During gameplay, you will collect powerful Battle Camp monsters from five different elemental groups: fire, leaf, water, rock, and wind. Then, utilize their elemental attacks by matching groups of tiles in flexible, fast paced combat sequences. If you get lucky, you’ll complete an epic combo chain to smash your opponents with incredible power.

Beyond the camp is a whole ferocious world for you to explore, from the Troop Hall to Turtle Falls, or from the Winter Peak to Mt. Magma to the Lost Temple and beyond. Which Battle Camp monsters will you find? Will you survive long enough to add them to your team?

If you want to fight alongside friends, you can join a troop, or make your own and become the Leader. Battle Camp is a live virtual world, an MMO in your pocket. You can see other players, join forces with them, raid bosses together, compete in events, or test your mettle against other players in the PVP Fort.

Build your team of Battle Camp monsters using our Battle Camp monster list, a list of every Battle Camp monster and its stats. Find out their hp, attack, level, health, recovery, feed value, and what element they are. The complete image database has a picture for every Battle Camp monster, whether Common, Uncommon, Rare, Special, Super, Ultra, Epic, Legendary or Mythic. Our Battle Camp monster list is comprehensive, and always up to date with the latest Battle Camp monsters.

At the Battle Camp forums you will find a group of friendly fans, from newbies to veterans. The forums are where you can find some of the most experienced players on the net and they are happy to answer any questions you might have about the game, whether about Battle Camp monsters, quests, troops, items, energy, or anything else you are having trouble with. The Battle Camp forum is probably the best Battle Camp community on the internet.

Not only will it be full of interesting news and updates about Battle, but at the Battle Camp World blog, there will also be reviews and trailers for upcoming games and movies and our top 10 lists to help you explore the latest Android and Apple games. Plus, we love to hear from you so, please leave us a comment if you like what we are doing and would like to join in on the conversation.