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Updated 3.0 Easter Monsters List

The complete list of 3..0 monsters list is now available available go and check them out!


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Battle Camp Easter 3.0.0 Update Battle Camp Easter 3.0.0 Update 2 Battle Camp Easter 3.0.0 Update 3

{NEW EVENT} Happy Easter!
- Participate in a special Battle Camp Easter Egg Hunt!
- Find Easter Eggs by battling monsters and raiding against bosses!
- Donate the Eggs to Farmer Brownhare for special prizes!

{NEW EVENT} Dive into our first Underwater map!
- Experience our massive Underwater expansion!
- Guya is going to try destroy the island with his underwater volcano!
- Distract him by donating seashells and stop his plan!
- Defeat Guya and unlock legendary new monsters

{NEW FEATURE} Challenge yourself in the Survival League!
- Choose your path in an enormous mazelike dungeon!
- Challenge different bosses in an infinite selection of maze routes!
- Assemble multiple teams and strategically swap between them throughout the dungeon!

{NEW FEATURE} Bet big and win big at the PvP Fort!
- Wager resources against other players in real time PvP battles!
- Bet stones, energy or gold in a winner-takes-all match-up!
- Amass a mountain of gold using only your PvP skill!

{NEW FEATURE} New giant bosses have invaded the island!
- Killa Bullrilla, Abyssion and Spitfire are wreaking havoc and it’s up to you to stop them!
- Before challenging them you must prove yourself by completing all camp quests!
- Earn rewards in unique daily boss challenges!

{NEW FEATURE} Supercharge your monsters with R-Boosting!
- Reward monsters can now be supercharged by increasing their R-Level!
- Feed Reward monsters R-Boosts to increase their power!
- Transform event monsters into R-Boosts after the event is over!

Bug Fixes and Tweaks!

What is Battle Camp


Dare to clash with rampaging dragons and fire-belching warthogs? Then join Battle Camp, a persistent virtual world filled with legendary monsters and ancient evils. To survive, train a fierce monster team and form a Troop with fellow Rangers. Then work together to crush raid bosses, wage Troop Wars and dominate in real-time PvP.

  • • Monster battling Puzzle MMO.
  • • Explore a LIVE Virtual World.
  • • Form a Troop with friends and other players.
  • • Crush the opposition in Troop Wars.
  • • Coordinate attacks in monthly Raid Events.
  • • Destroy rivals in Real-Time PvP Tournaments.
  • • Capture and raise over 175 monsters.
  • • Design your own unique avatar.

5/5 "Fun and addictive game"
5/5 "Great game that is always getting better"
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Monsters Index

Similar to the Pokedex, we have a complete index of Battle Camp monsters for you to see. Found out where they drop, their maximum health, and much more!
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Monster Abilities

Looking to build a team for pvp or these special events? Farm the monsters with the right passive abilities and aggressive abilities.
View Battle Camp Abilities


Tired of finishing a quest and having to refarm those monsters you just fused? Be ahead of the game and see what quest you have next.
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